Your B&B’s online identity

Build a beautiful and unique B&B website in no time. Want to add a map, a gallery, or even a page with, say, TripAdvisor reviews? Everything is just a click away.

Start building your website

Create a professional website for your accommodation

With Stinngo you’ll find it’s really easy to build a professional website for your bed and breakfast. It is as easy as sending an email or writing a Word document—no technical skills are required. The service has been created specifically for bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and vacation rentals.

  • Easy as ABC

    In our online management interface, your B&B website looks just like it does to your guests. Instead of digging through setup pages and complicated forms, you can build your website just by clicking what you want to change or where you want to add something. With built-in support for photo galleries, maps, TripAdvisor reviews, videos and much more, building a beautiful website has never been easier.

  • Multiple languages right out of the box

    If you serve a global market, it really helps when your website is available in your guests’ own languages—it’ll make them feel right at home. Stinngo allows you to maintain multiple language versions of your website alongside each other and even makes sure that your website is automatically loaded in the visitor’s preferred language, so your foreign guests won’t be scared off by a language they don’t know.

  • Great-looking on computers, phones & tablets

    Your B&B guests are increasingly using mobile phones and tablets to browse the web. With Stinngo you don’t need to build a seperate mobile website. Instead, we make sure your site looks as good on tablets and phones as it does on your computer, with exactly the same content and your bed and breakfast’s unique look and feel.

    Looking just how you want it

    Your bed and breakfast is unique, and so is its website.

    To give your B&B website its own look and feel, you can choose one of the 20 beautiful designs we have built for you.

    You can pick the one that best fits you and your bed and breakfast, optionally pick a different color scheme and further personalize the look of your website by adding photos of your accommodation and its location.

Try Stinngo for free, the first month is on us!

You can give Stinngo a try for free, no credit card is required. During the trial, you get to use the full Stinngo suite, which includes your own Website as well as the Reservation Manager.

After a month, we will give you the option to take out a subscription to the full Stinngo suite or the Reservation Manager alone if you like what you’ve seen.

Start building your website

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost?

    The full Stinngo suite, which gets you your own Website as well as the Reservation Manager, is available for € 300 per year. You can also choose to use the Reservation Manager alone for € 150 per year. (VAT is added where applicable)

  • Does Stinngo help me?

    We provide help on the support site, where you’ll find instructional videos as well as tips and tricks. If you need further help, you can send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll help you out within 24 hours at most—usually much quicker.

  • I don’t have any technical skills, can I still use Stinngo?

    We have put a lot of effort in making Stinngo very easy to use. When you’re building your website you’ll see the results of what you’re doing immediately: you’re able to add text, images and elements right where they will end up. It is as easy as sending an email or writing a Word document.

  • Why would I want an availability calendar on my website?

    Showing whether you have availability in your accommodation right on your website really helps your guests; they will be more likely to send you a request if they know for sure that your accommodation is available in the period they are planning to visit. The availability calendar on your website automatically stays in sync with your Stinngo Reservation Manager.

  • Won’t my website look just like all other Stinngo websites?

    It won’t! Right now you can choose from about 20 different designs that will give your website its own look and feel. You can further personalize the look of your website by adding photos of your accommodation and its location.

  • Do I have to create the mobile version separately?

    No. With Stinngo, the website you create on your computer will automatically look great on all computers, tablets and phones—we will make sure of that.

  • Do I need to install software on my computer?

    No, there is no software to install. Stinngo runs entirely on the web; you’ll be able to manage your website and reservations by logging in through our website. We maintain and update the software automatically.

  • I already have a website domain name. Can I use it?

    Yes, we can transfer your existing domain name to Stinngo and set everything up so that the website you created will then be available at that domain name. We will assist you in the process of transferring the domain name.

  • Can I choose any domain name?

    We offer domain names with the most common extensions, such as .com, .ca, .at, .be, .de, .dk, .es, .fr, .it, .nl, .se,, eu, .biz, .info etc. Of course the domain name you choose can’t be in use by someone else already. We will set up the domain for you, but of course the ownership will be in your name.

  • Can I have my own email address?

    Yes, we provide an email box with your own domain name, e.g. [email protected] or [email protected].

  • When do I pay?

    You can give Stinngo a try for free. If you have any questions while creating your website, we’re happy to help out. We’ll give you plenty of time to get started; after a month, we will check up to see how you’re doing. If you like what you’ve seen, you can then take out a subscription to either the full Stinngo suite (including the Reservation Manager) or the Reservation Manager alone. We will then publish your website under a domain name of your own choice and we will activate your own email address.