Manage all of your reservations in one place

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can accept and reply to requests within minutes and update your availability on all the sites where it’s relevant.

Start using the Reservation Manager

Manage your reservations from your computer or iPhone

With Stinngo, you’ll find it’s really easy to manage your reservations. Guests can see your availability and send a reservation request right from your website. You can then manage these reservations from the Stinngo website or the dedicated iPhone app. Easy for your guests, easy for you.

  • Always up to date

    Your guests are more likely to contact you if they know for sure that your bed and breakfast is available. We make it easy for you to manage those reservations, even when you are on the road using our dedicated iPhone app. Update your bookings and send instant replies to your guests from anywhere.

  • Update multiple websites in one go

    You can connect your Reservation Manager to sites like Airbnb,, Wimdu, Flipkey, and many others and have their availability calendars updated automatically when your availability changes. This can save you and your guests loads of time.

  • Reply to your guests with one click

    You can predefine email replies to send to your guests. When a new request comes in, you can reply within seconds with an email that will automatically be personalized with information like the guest’s name and check-in and check-out dates. Even when you’re out, you can do all of this from the Stinngo iPhone app.

Try Stinngo for free, the first month is on us!

You can give Stinngo a try for free, no credit card is required. During the trial, you get to use the full Stinngo suite, which includes the Reservation Manager as well as your own Website.

After a month, we will give you the option to take out a subscription to the full Stinngo suite or the Reservation Manager alone if you like what you’ve seen.

Start using the Reservation Manager

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost?

    The full Stinngo suite, which will get you the Reservation Manager as well as your own Website, costs € 300 per year. You can also choose to use the Reservation Manager alone for € 150 per year. (VAT is applied where applicable)

  • Can I put the availability calendar on a website that I already have?

    Yes, you can. If you don’t have a Stinngo Website, you or your webmaster can easily publish the availability calendar on your existing website with just a few lines of code that we will provide. With a Stinngo Website, the availability calendar is of course completely integrated.

  • Can guests book and pay online?

    The Reservation Manager is designed for requests only. You will need to respond to these requests and ‘close the deal’ with the guest, in which Stinngo will assist you with predefined email replies among other things.

  • Can I choose how the availability calendar appears on my website?

    If you want to put the availability calendar on your own website, you can customize its layout and colors. You can publish as many calendars as you like, e.g. one for each room. With a Stinngo Website, the layout and color scheme of the availability calendar will match the design you choose for your website.

  • Can I accept reservations on my iPhone?

    Yes, you can. If you accept a booking on your iPhone, the availability calendar on your website and all other linked website will be updated automatically.

  • How do I link the availability calendar to listings I have on other websites?

    You can copy the so-called iCalendar link for your Stinngo availability calendar and enter that into the appropriate field of your listings on e.g. Airbnb,, Wimdu, Flipkey, etc. Depending on the site the availability calendar will then be updated 2-6 times per day.

  • When do I pay?

    You can give Stinngo a try for free. If you have any questions setting up and managing your reservations, we’re happy to help out. We’ll give you plenty of time to get started; after a month, we will check up to see how you’re doing. If you like what you’ve seen, you can then take out a subscription to either the full Stinngo suite (including the Website) or just the Reservation Manager.