Cookie Policy

  • Stinngo and cookies

    Stinngo uses cookies on its websites to for an optimal experience and a complete service. Without cookies we wouldn’t be able to offer you easy ways to send reservation requests, view YouTube videos, locations on Google Maps and a whole lot more. For future improvements of the sites we use Google Analytics to understand how you and others use our site. This of course is valuable information for us to provide you with the best service we can.

  • What are cookies?

    A cookie is a small bit of text saved on your computer; they are the basis of many useful features in websites. They can also be used for other things, like tracking which websites you’ve visited or to provide personalized advertising. The information in that cookie file can be consulted during your visit to our website and during future visits.

  • The use of session cookies

    With the information stored in the cookies we can see what part of the sites you have visited. That allows us to make possible adjustments to make the site easier to use. It also gives us the opportunity to ‘save’ information that you have entered so that you don’t have to fill the same information repeatedly. Session cookies are deleted once you close your browser.

  • Google Analytics

    To monitor the visits to our site Google places a cookie as part of the Analytics services. We use this service to get reports on the number of visitors to our site. Google can provide such information to third parties if it is legally obliged to do so. This is beyond our control. Google may use the information for other Google services.

    Completely anonymized information may be shared with third parties on an aggregated level, i.e. the information cannot be tied to the individual websites nor its visitors. Your IP address is not exposed.

    All information is stored on Google servers and Google claims to follow the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and is part of the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. This implies a suitable level of protection of your private information.

  • Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Facebook and Twitter, etc

    On our websites you may see e.g. Tripadvisor badges/reviews and buttons of Facebook and Twitter. This is to promote bed and breakfasts (Flipkey/Tripadvisor reviews) or to share information (Facebook and Twitter). These buttons and badges are pieces of code that actually originate on the sites of those parties. These sites use cookies in those badges and buttons. This is beyond our control. Please read the privacy statements of those parties to see how they treat your personal information and remember that those policies may change from time to time.

    The information they gather is usually anonymized. The information is stored at parties like Tripadvisor, Flipkey, Facebook and Twitter. Like Google, Facebook and Twitter claim to adhere to the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework. This implies a suitable level of protection of your private information. If you have concerns, familiarize yourself with the policies and conditions of each of the parties involved, and use our sites only if you fully agree without any reservation.

    Websites that provide services on our sites and may use cookies:

    • Facebook
    • Flipkey
    • Google
    • Tripadvisor
    • Twitter
    • Vimeo
    • Youtube
  • Right to view information and to correct or delete your information

    You have the right to ask for the information that is shored with us and to the correction or deletion of the information. To avoid misuse you will be required to adequately identify yourself. If the information is connected to a cookie, you will be required to send a copy of the cookie to us. You find it in the preferences of your browser.

  • Activate or deactivate cookies

    More information and instructions about deactivating or activating cookies can be found in the Help files of your browser.

  • More information about cookies?

    Your Online Choices: “A guide to online behavioral advertising”.